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How To Choose The Most Useful Leeks At The Store
Leeks are often misused by cooks who discard and unnecessarily waste parts of the vegetable. To get the most out of your leeks, purchase them wisely first.
Look for leeks with the roots left intact on the bottom. They should also have stalks that are slim, sturdy, and straight, and dark green leaves that aren't wilted or yellowing.
Since many leek-based recipes call for the white and pale green portions of the leek, pick ones with longer stalks and lesser amounts of dark green leaves, about 8 inches worth.
The dark, woody part of the leek often gets trashed, but it can be great for flavoring stocks, sautéed until tender and served as a side dish, or worked into a herby sauce.
Even the dusty, soil-stained roots of the leek can be repurposed; you can trim them from the base and then deep fry them for a crunchy and funky garnish.