Dragon fruit on pink striped background
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Here's How To Eat Dragon Fruit, For The Uninitiated
Dragon fruit has a thick, durable peel with sharp-pointed scales, which can make it intimidating to try and open; however, all you need is a sharp knife.
One option is to start by slicing off the ends and then standing the fruit on its wider end, slicing it lengthwise in a downward motion, and peeling the skin off either side.
Many people prefer to slice the ripe dragon fruit in half and insert a spoon between the peel and fruit, moving it around until the inner portion is loose enough to remove.
Ripe dragon fruit will have an even, waxy skin with green-colored tips. The feel of the fruit should also have a slight give, while a hard one might need a few more days to ripen.
If you touch your dragon fruit and it has a squishy feel without any firmness, more than a few brown spots, or a wrinkly or dried-up stem, it’s overripe.
The taste of dragon fruit is often compared to a cross between a kiwi and a pear, and its juicy texture is perfect for making juice or blending it into different creations.
You can make a dragon fruit smoothie bowl or fruit salad, turn its juice into a fancy cocktail, or even use the flesh as a garnish to elevate your favorite desserts or greens.