Roasted chicken with herbs, potatoes, onions
How To Amplify The Flavor Of Roast Chicken With Fresh Herbs
Roast chicken is relatively mild in flavor, but this makes it a versatile vehicle for any flavors you please. Herbs are classic, but you ought to experiment with how to use them.
A dry rub or compound butter are two of the most straightforward options to infuse your roast chicken with fresh herbs. To make a dry rub, crush the herbs with a mortar and pestle.
You can also add spices and any other ingredients you'd like. Dry off the chicken with a paper towel and lightly brush the skin with oil, then generously apply the rub all over.
Alternatively, make a compound butter by beating a stick of butter until soft and fluffy. Chop the fresh herbs and mix them into the butter thoroughly.
Dry the chicken with a paper towel and spread the butter on the surface. Gently lift the skin without tearing it, and apply the butter to the meat underneath as well.
If you still have herbs left over, stuff them into the cavity of the chicken with flavorings like lemon or veggies like celery. This will truly take your chicken to the next level.