Healthy Homemade Ginger Root Simple Syrup in a Bottle
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How To Alter Your Simple Syrup Recipe To Make Rich Simple Syrup
Any bartender knows simple syrup is great to keep on hand, and this thick liquid made of equal parts sugar and water is perhaps the most versatile way to sweeten drinks. However, if you want a sweetener that's very neutral like simple syrup, but a bit enhanced, you can give it a boost in sweetness by quickly modifying your recipe.
For a more decadent simple syrup, all you have to do is double the amount of sugar you add to your boiling water. By using twice the amount of sugar, you'll still create a neutral, sweet syrup that dissolves seamlessly into drinks, but the added sweetness means you can use less syrup overall in your cocktails and desserts like sorbet.
This richer simple syrup is also thicker than regular simple syrup, so it’s excellent in drinks that need a bit more oomph or will suffer if watered down in any way. A rich simple syrup can alter your cocktail ever-so-subtly, adding a new dimension of sweetness and rich texture, making it a great option for transforming your drink in a pinch.