Latkes with chive garnish, sour cream and applesauce on the side
How To Add Everything Seasoning To Latkes And Prevent Burning
Latkes make a great neutral base for aromatic spices, condiments, and toppings, and one of the tastiest flavorings you can add is everything bagel seasoning mix.
However, seasonings can easily burn if they're used to coat the exterior of the pancakes before frying. You should add everything seasoning directly to the shredded potato mixture.
Everything seasoning is actually very prone to burning, because the poppy and sesame seeds in the mix are high in natural fats that can easily scorch.
Not only will you be left with a scorched latke exterior and a cold, raw middle, but the seeds will blacken and turn bitter. Mixing in the seasoning is of utmost importance.
As a final tip, add everything seasoning into your latke mixture a little bit at a time, making sure to taste as you go, since some brands of the seasoning blend can be salty.