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How Thomas Keller Makes
Ad Hoc's
Famous Fried
Chicken Unique
One of the most celebrated chefs in the world, Thomas Keller, has reverence for simple, iconic dishes and flavor combinations that are timeless and emotionally evocative. The fried chicken served at Ad Hoc is one of his most anticipated dishes, and thankfully, Keller freely shares his recipe.
It begins with two chickens soaked in a brine infused with honey, bay leaves, garlic, herbs, and the juice and potent zest of two lemons. After the overnight bath, the chickens are broken down, slathered in rich buttermilk, dusted in flour flavored with garlic, onion powders, and cayenne, and fried in vegetable oil.
One of the critical steps in Keller's recipe is the brining, which pulls salt, water, and whatever seasonings are added to the brine into the meat. Dry-brining is also suitable for chicken but should be reserved for preparations where crisp skin is desired as it doesn't pull in added moisture.