Chef Thomas Keller crossing his arms
How Thomas Keller Attains No-Bake Chocolate Pots De Crème
Pots de crème are an indulgent, elegant dessert, and although these custards traditionally take a lot of effort and care to make, Chef Thomas Keller has a simple shortcut method.
Originating in France, pots de crème, meaning "pots of cream," are usually small dishes of a flavorful custard meticulously baked in water baths to produce a velvety texture.
Chef Thomas Keller has created a no-bake approach to pots de crème. Instead of baking, Keller prepares his dessert in a saucepan on the stovetop.
Once cooked, the mixture is poured into individual serving vessels and left to set in the fridge for several hours. It's a fuss-free yet just as indulgent take on the dessert.
To ensure a velvety texture and avoid curdling, use high-quality ingredients for your custard, and make sure to continuously stir when slowly heating up the mixture.
After a rest in the fridge, serve your chocolate custards with a sprinkle of sea salt, whipped cream, a dusting of cocoa powder, or garnishes like fresh fruit or sprigs of mint.