WASHINGTON, DC - Sliced brisket with sides of  tabouleh and potato salad and a dab of house mustard at the new fast casual restaurant Smoked and Stacked photographed in Washington, DC. (Photo by Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post via Getty Images).
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How The 'Texas Crutch' Can Improve Your Brisket
Smoked brisket is a labor of love and Pitmasters obsess over the smallest details, like picking out the exact perfect cut of brisket, the effects of keeping it moist by mopping, and how much of the fat cap one should keep on. As a specialty of unique Texas barbeque, a trick called the "Texas crutch" is something pitmasters lean on when it comes to upgrading their brisket.
The first goal of any brisket is keeping it nice and tender, which is why so many rely on the simple but effective technique, the "Texas crutch." Using foil or butcher's paper, wrap the brisket midway through its cooking time; this will create a barrier capturing fat and moisture, keeping the meat tender when taken off the heat.
Cutting down the cooking time using the "Texas crutch" method helps solve the brisket epidemic the Traeger calls "the stall," where moisture evaporates, slowing the cooking time. This method helps stop air circulation that contributes to evaporation, allowing the brisket to cook unabated.