Blueberry muffins on a wooden board.
How The Ritz-Carlton's Famous Blueberry Muffins Got Better Over Time
The Ritz-Carlton company is known for its luxury hotels, but a certain Boston location is known for something more fit for foodies: their own famously delicious blueberry muffins.
Blueberry muffins have been served at the hotel since it opened in 1927, but in 1971, executive pastry chef Charles Bonino went on a mission to develop a better recipe.
Boston's iconic, now-closed department store Gilchrist's was known for its blueberry muffins, which Bonino used for inspiration, purchasing loads of them to analyze and recreate.
Once Bonino retired, his successor Gunther Moesinger sought to improve the recipe even more. He eventually swapped out shortening for butter and added more blueberries and eggs.
Butter can create a more delicate and rich crumb in muffins, while more blueberries add more tangy sweetness in every bite and extra eggs provide moisture and structure.