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How The Purple Jesus Cocktail Got Its Quirky Name
The Purple Jesus gets its color from its original primary ingredient, grape juice, and early versions of this drink also featured the 190-proof grain-alcohol Everclear spirit. Though purple appears as a symbol of royalty in Biblical texts, this cocktail once had a reputation that is as different from the holy scripture as you can imagine.
Punch explains that the Purple Jesus originated as a party cocktail for youths, and the incredibly alcoholic drink was frequently quick-mixed in an Igloo cooler and doled out to partygoers. The high amount of Everclear inevitably led over-indulgers to vomit, and after they did so, they'd see that the vomit was bright purple and exclaim, "Jesus!"
The drink has since gotten a lower-proof makeover from many bartenders, and the Everclear — which is actually illegal in multiple U.S. states — is often partly replaced with vodka. Other purple-hued liquors may take the place of grape juice, and the modern Purple Jesus is more of a nostalgic, but sophisticated throwback to one's youth.