To make coffee with the Hario V60, pouring the measured coffee into the hopper
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How The Hario V60 Coffee Maker Works
Anyone new to home-brewing coffee has to face the very tough decision of which equipment to buy. However, that decision might get a little easier with the introduction of the hand-powered, affordable, no-nonsense Hario V60 coffee-making accessory, which can make differing flavors of coffee for any palate in no time.
The Hario V60 is a cone-shaped apparatus that, with the help of the ridges lining its interior, exposes coffee grounds to air as hot water is poured over them and into your cup. Its unique shape adds depth to the coffee by maximizing the grounds' exposure to water, resulting in a more balanced taste and a quicker prep time.
The speed of the pour and the size of the grinds can yield noticeable differences when using the Hario V60, and the tool is available in ceramic, plastic, glass, and metal, providing many brewing options. Your Dream Coffee suggests using medium-grind light or medium roast coffee, or for an espresso-like flavor, pick a darker blend.