Takoyaki and Kenzo ramen.
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How Takoyaki Came To Rule Japan's Street Food Scene
Japan's street food scene is one of the most exciting in the world, and takoyaki is one of its most iconic dishes. Wanderlust explains that this dish consists of batter with "pieces of octopus, tempura, green onions, and pickled ginger," fried into spheres in a special pan and topped with brown takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes, and Japanese mayo.
Takoyaki was created in Osaka in 1935 by street vendor Tomekichi Endo. Its progenitor is the box-shaped choboyaki, which evolved into rajioyaki, spheres of dough that contained beef instead of octopus; today, the octopus or "tako" version is most popular, and the crisp yet creamy dumplings can be found all over the country.
Takoyaki might be the king of the street food scene because it's almost always served by street vendors, though it can also be found in many sit-down restaurants as well. The dish may also vary based on where you buy it; vendors in Tokyo will often add cabbage to the batter, and sauces and toppings may depend on the season.