Woman reading a label in a grocery store
How Single People Should Shop At Costco
Good Cluck For Your Buck
Costco is a no-brainer for stocking up on bulk items, but the retailer also has plenty of good options for the single shopper, like the rotisserie chicken.
If refrigerated, cooked chicken lasts up to four days, giving you plenty of time to use it for sandwiches, quesadillas, soup, chicken pot pies, salads, or anything else you enjoy.
Frozen Options
You can always stock up at Costco and freeze the leftovers, or you can buy frozen food from the get-go with plenty of options at your fingertips.
You can easily stock up on Costco frozen foods that can be defrosted in single portions like fruit, veggies, meat, and even plant-based alternatives.
Pantry Staples
Costco is a great place for solo shoppers to stock up on canned and packaged goods with extended shelf lives, which will stay good long enough for you to eat them.
Many of these items come in multi-packs consisting of smaller portions so you’re not opening a large serving of food at once, letting you save the rest without any spoilage.