Blueberry pancakes with fresh blueberries and golden syrup.
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How Scotch Pancakes Differ From American Stacks
Golden, fluffy pancakes with butter and maple syrup are viewed with fondness no matter where they're made and eaten. While standard American flapjacks are very popular, Chef Nigella Lawson recalls eating Scotch pancakes as an afterschool snack while growing up in England, and this is how these European pancakes differ.
Also called Drop Scones, Scotch pancakes have a more caramelized flavor and are usually made with ingredients like self-rising flour, salt, caster sugar, and eggs. While Scotch pancakes, like American pancakes, are often eaten stacked on one another, they are enjoyed more like toast with butter and jam instead of syrup.
American pancakes are often made from a boxed mix, or homemade with flour, baking powder, sea salt, milk, egg, and oil, a slightly longer ingredients list than that of Scotch pancakes. As for the cooking method, both Scotch pancakes and American flapjacks are cooked until golden brown with oil or butter on a griddle or in a pan.