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How Royal Warrant Food Brands Are Affected By The Queen's Death
With the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, many U.K. businesses will lose a prestigious honor: a Royal Warrant. According to the Royal Family's website, a Royal Warrant of Appointment is a recognition given "to people or companies who regularly supply goods or services" for the Royal Family.
The reigning monarch can grant Royal Warrants and designate other members of the Royal Family who are entitled to grant them; during Queen Elizabeth's reign, she and her son (now King Charles III) could grant these warrants. It is likely King Charles will grant the power to Prince William and Queen Consort Camilla.
Companies with a Royal Warrant are allowed to display the royal Coat of Arms on their marketing and products, along with an explanation of who granted the warrant and the nature of the goods or services that earned the warrant. Now that Queen Elizabeth has passed, the Royal Warrants she granted are automatically voided.
620 voided businesses, including 100 food and drink companies, now have two years to discontinue their use of the Coat of Arms, though they will be able to apply for a new warrant from King Charles; companies who received a warrant from Charles while he was the Prince of Wales will not have their status voided.
The Grocer notes that warrants are only valid for five years, at which point the company must request a renewal. This process involves proving that the business regularly served the Royal Family for at least five of the previous seven years and that they meet certain environmental and sustainability standards.