Potatoes and sliced potato chips.
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How Potatoes Are Used To Make Scotland's Unique Macaroons
There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to macaroons, the meringue cookies often made with coconut and chocolate, and macarons, the colorful cookie sandwiches displayed in coffee shops and bakeries. However, Scottish macaroons fall into neither of these categories, since they are made with one unique ingredient: potatoes.
Scottish macaroons are made using a potato fondant, created by boiling potatoes, mashing them smoothly, then mixing them with powdered sugar. The fondant is then dipped in chocolate and finished with coconut flakes, making for a treat that is somewhat similar to standard coconut macaroons made with eggs.
You may think that potatoes would make the macaroons taste strange, but they don't taste like potatoes and are simply soft, fluffy, and sweet. The treats can be fashioned into rectangular bars or rolled into balls, but just make sure you don't use leftover mashed potatoes containing butter, cream, or other extra ingredients.