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How Often Should You Replace The Grates On Your Charcoal Grill?
If you own a charcoal grill and want your grates to last a long time, be diligent with cleaning your grill after every use and keep the grates oiled. There’s another thing you need to look out for when deciding whether or not to replace your grates, especially because you likely store your grill outside.
If you see red-brown rust on your grill grates, fire up the grill to warm it up and then brush the grates with a grill brush. If the rust disappears, your grates are still okay to use, but if the rust sticks around, it's more deeply integrated into the grates, and may cause chips, cracks, breaks, and other problems.
If the rust has spread to this extent, your grill grates have been exposed to the elements for too long, and you should replace them. Another indication that you may need to buy new grates is if burnt or stuck-on food still remains on the grates even after a thorough cleaning.