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How Noma's Surroundings Influence Its Menu
Known for seasonal tasting menus made from foraged and preserved ingredients, famed restaurant Noma has helped push Nordic cuisine into international fame. Naturally, the Scandinavian landscape plays a large role in Noma's many menu items that have earned incomparable awards and accolades.
"We have heard so often that the way our food is organized on the plate looks like a landscape," says Noma's Rene Redzepi, "which is true, but the plating happens quite naturally because our first inspiration is always from where we get the food." Noma's Game & Forest, Vegetable, and Seafood menus all feature ingredients taken directly from nature.
Redzepi adds that when eating at Noma, "What you should experience is a pure and clear sense of time and place: what time of the year are we in and where are we in the world.” The chef stays aware of seasonal changes and how the weather impacts products, which informs menu-planning and how to best showcase foraged ingredients.