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How Nigella Lawson Takes Panettone To The Next Level
Panettone is an Italian Christmas cake that's like a fluffy, light, tender version of traditional fruitcake. The tall dessert is studded with candied fruits, and there are even unusual variations like chocolate and pistachio panettone, but celebrity chef Nigella Lawson takes inspiration from other Italian treats to bring panettone to the next level.
Lawson is a fan of Italian Christmas pudding cake, which is like a hybrid between panettone and cassata, a Sicilian dessert of chocolate, ricotta cheese, and candied fruit encased in a marzipan shell. Lawson's recipe layers sliced panettone with ricotta and crumbled marrons glaces (candied fruits) along with chocolate and pistachios.
The final result is a layered dessert with cakey and creamy elements and the flavors of ricotta, fruit, chocolate, nuts, and marsala wine. With Lawson's recipe, you won't even have to bake your holiday cake, making this dessert almost as easy as purchasing readymade panettone in a box from the store.