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How Mushroom Coffee Could Improve Your Digestion
Though it may seem like a more recent addition to the morning beverage lineup, mushrooms have been used as a caffeinated alternative since at least World War II. Mushroom coffee might do more for your gut than your standard morning cup of joe, bringing a variety of health benefits, including digestion improvement, to the table.
The secret of mushroom coffee's digestive benefits is in its prebiotics, which can help your gut microbiome stay in tip-top shape. The prebiotics researchers found in the mushrooms tested encourage "growth of gut microbiota," working to prevent the growth of bad microorganisms and pathogens in your body.
Other claims of the wonders of mushroom coffee include anti-allergenic properties, reduced risk of heart disease, and even the possibility of helping with cancer symptoms and side effects. And, due to its lower caffeine content, drinking it might even help with easing stress and anxiety.