Chef Nobu smiling with open arms
How Much You Should Expect To Spend On Dinner At Nobu
Luxury sushi restaurant chain Nobu invites sushi fans along for the gourmet ride, and you should expect to spend high prices for dinner.
A piece of Tamago sushi at Nobu Downtown in New York City runs for $5 on the low end. However, on the high end, a single piece of Toro will rock sushi fans for $17.
Cocktails run around $22, and wine is $19-$35 per glass. The menu has reserve selections from esteemed regions such as Bordeaux and Sonoma County.
A Nobu spokesperson said the average check at Nobu Downtown runs about $135 per person.
At Nobu's Tokyo location, lunch and dinner entrees are sold by the meal, as opposed to purchasing individual hand rolls of sashimi or nigiri.
The average entree at Tokyo Nobu ranges from 3200 yen for lunch or 13500 yen for dinner — about $24-$100 U.S. dollars. Entrees come with miso soup and rice (plus salad for lunch).
Chef Nobu, head chef and namesake of the restaurant chain, says higher prices equal higher quality ingredients, which is very important for a restaurant specializing in sushi.