Red king crab legs on dark surface with lemon
How Much Time You Should Boil Frozen Crab Legs For Tender, Juicy Meat
If you’re not thawing them first, frozen crab legs may seem like they’d take longer to cook, but they only need to be boiled for about six to eight minutes per pound.
Frozen crab legs from the grocery store are typically pre-cooked, so you're essentially reheating them for a short time. Be careful not to overcook them to avoid rubbery meat.
Pay attention to the color of the shell as the legs boil. You’ll want to take them off the stove once they've reached a cross between orange and red, before they turn pink.
Ensure you're using a large enough pot with enough water to submerge the legs. If parts of the crab legs are sticking out, you won’t get the same even texture throughout.