Starbucks coffee cups of different sizes on display.
How Much Syrup To Put When Making Custom Starbucks Drinks
If you want to modify your Starbucks drink order to add some flavored syrup, but you have no idea how many pumps to ask for, let the drink’s size be your guide.
Drinks in the smallest size, tall, use three pumps of syrup. The next size up, grande, uses four pumps, and the venti size has five, or six if it's an iced drink.
You can ask for less syrup for a more subtle sweetness, or if you have a sweet tooth, ask for a couple extra pumps, as long as you’re willing to pay a little more.
You now have an idea of how many pumps to ask for in a drink that doesn't typically come with syrup. If you like to recreate Starbucks drinks at home, buy some coffee syrup.
Torani, a widely-available brand, offers many flavored syrups that taste similar to what Starbucks uses, and was even ranked by Tasting Table as the third-best coffee syrup brand.
If your Starbucks store has extra syrups, they may be able to sell you one. You might also find their syrups on eBay or Amazon from secondary sellers, but for a steep upcharge.