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How Much Should You Tip At A Fancy Restaurant?
Tipping culture is an aspect of restaurant etiquette we’re all hopefully aware of, but when it comes to more upscale eateries, how much does this aspect change? It turns out that amongst the rules of which outfit you wear to which fork you eat with, you’ll find the rules regarding tipping, and they aren’t too different.
Just like other dining establishments, 15% to 20% is both customary and expected at upscale restaurants, with 15% being the absolute minimum and 20% a more generous notion. However, in light of the pandemic and a record high inflation with no change in the minimum wage, Eater recommends that 20% should be the new default.
There are exceptions to the rule, from increasing the tip to factor in a larger party of people, to giving a little extra to the host who went out of their way to accommodate you. Figuring out the right tip can be strenuous, and restaurant workers often agree it may not be the best method — but until they’re paid a living wage, it will be part of the dining experience.