Meat searing in pan with mushrooms
How Much Oil You Should Utilize When Searing A Cut Of Meat
The perfect sear has the ability to elevate the flavor of any cut of meat. Attaining it, however, requires a bit of skill and technique, including how to use oil correctly.
The amount of oil you'll need to achieve a great sear on a steak or pork chop mainly comes down to the surface area and size of the pan of both the pan and the meat.
Plentiful oil helps fill in any nicks, holes, or divots in the metal of the pan, which provides a uniform point of contact with all parts of the meat so it browns without sticking.
A good guideline is 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil for a steak or similar cut, but you should look closely when oiling your pan to make sure the bottom is generously coated.
As for when to add the oil, there's debate over whether it's best to add it before or after heating the pan, but all chefs agree that it has to be very hot either way.
Pat your meat dry before placing it in the hot pan. If you're searing more than one piece of meat, give them plenty of space to encourage caramelization.
Lastly, resist the urge to play with the meat once it's in the pan. Give it a nudge after a few minutes — if it slides across the surface of the pan easily, it's ready to flip.