A whole chicken cooked inside an air frier concept. A healthy nutritious homemade alternative to deep fried store bought meat. Served inside the fryers basket together with baked potatoes.
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How Much Faster Can You Roast Food In An Air Fryer?
Air fryers are all the rage and for good reason. These gadgets offer faster cleanups, health benefits associated with using less oil, and supposedly faster cooking times, and while you might chalk these claims up to marketing, research has shown there’s a standard amount of time saved when cooking with an air fryer.
Air fryers work much like the convection setting on your oven, but since they’re smaller there’s no need to wait the 10 to 15 minutes it takes for your oven to preheat. Already air fryers save preheating time, but more than that, the total time it takes to roast something in an air fryer is about 20 percent less than what it takes in an oven.
Air fryers work by heating air via radiation and using a fan to circulate it, but since they’re small, they heat up faster and circulate air more evenly than an oven. As a general rule, when you’re translating cook time from the oven to the air fryer, decrease the temperature by about 25 percent and the time by about 20 percent.