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How Mashed Potatoes Can Elevate Your Chocolate Cake
Nothing says rich and decadent like a chocolate cake, and since the main flavor of chocolate cake is, well, chocolate, there’s almost no way you can mess it up. However, you might be surprised to learn that potatoes can take your chocolate cake to the next level, adding fluffiness, moisture, and a few sneaky nutritional benefits.
It may seem counterintuitive that dense and rich potatoes can make your cake extra light and fluffy, but mashed potatoes lend more structure to baked goods because of their high fiber and starch content. Plus, since potatoes are 80% water by weight, they’re a good dairy-free alternative to add extra moisture to your batter.
To try this for yourself, simply skin, boil, and mash your potato; The Kitchn recommends using a potato ricer or sieve to thoroughly get rid of lumps. Then, add about three-quarters of a cup of mashed potatoes to your cake batter along with the other wet ingredients, bake your cake like normal, and prepare to taste a deliciously moist and fluffy cake.