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How Martha Stewart Incorporates Apples Into Every Part Of A Meal
In an episode of "Martha Cooks," Martha Stewart put the spotlight on fall fruit, and if apples are your favorite fruit, you'll want to know how she incorporated them into three standout recipes. Stewart's main course was a roasted bone-in pork loin with apples, butter, and white wine added to the pan halfway through cooking.
For dessert, Stewart chose her Brioche and Apple Bread Pudding with fresh sliced apples and rum-soaked raisins. The version of the recipe featured on "Martha Cooks" mixes fresh apples with lemon juice, boozy raisins, homemade custard, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cubes of store-bought brioche.
In the final apple-centric recipe, Stewart and Thomas Joseph, Executive Vice President of Culinary at Martha Stewart Living, demonstrated how to use an apple grinder and press to create your own apple cider at home. Stewart notes that the finished cider makes a great base for specialty cocktails.
Stewart grinds, presses, and filters the apples through layers of cheesecloth, then blends the final product with lemon juice and bourbon in a sugar-rimmed glass to make a bourbon cider cocktail. She even adds homemade apple cider ice cubes to keep the drink from getting watered down.