Scotch whiskey bottle, glass, and old wooden barrel
How Many Whiskey Bottles Are Made From A Single Barrel
The amount of whiskey bottles a barrel can make depends on the barrel size, but most distillers choose to use the American Standard Barrel (ASB.), which can hold around 53 gallons.
If you were to bottle the contents of one barrel immediately, you'd end up with approximately 267 bottles of unaged whiskey, but aged whiskey is more complicated.
Some whiskey evaporates during aging. The extent depends on factors such as geographical location, climate, and conditions like temperature and humidity within the warehouse.
Some bottles also have whiskey mixed with water to lower the alcohol content, so even if the label says it holds the standard amount, it’s not all from the barrel.
These factors make it hard to predict how much a barrel will produce. Estimates vary, with some distillers suggesting around 200 to 300 standard 750-milliliter bottles per barrel.
Depending on the actual yield, distillers will adjust their pricing accordingly. Older barrels that lose more liquid to evaporation are usually more expensive to recoup the loss.