Whole roast turkey on platter with leaves and fruit garnishes
How Many Pounds Of Turkey Breast You Really Need Per Person
To ensure that you'll have enough turkey for your Thanksgiving guests, simply aim for 1 to 1 ½ pounds per person, or about half that if you're just making turkey breast.
While this might sound like a lot, whole turkeys are made up of about 40 to 50% inedible bones and cartilage. That doesn't factor in with boneless turkey breast.
The same rule applies to bone-in breasts, which are mostly meat, but if you have some big eaters in your family, you can bump that up by around 50%, just to be safe.
Other factors will also come into play, such as your guest's preferences for white or dark meat, so play it safe and plan for too much turkey. You can always save the leftovers.