Bolognese Lasagna on a plate with yellow table surface and white background
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How Many Layers Should Lasagna Have?
Lasagna and its many variations, from the classic ricotta and Bolognese sauce to béchamel and porcini mushrooms, have been staples for Italians for centuries, but the question remains — just how many layers should a lasagna have? The answer is as flexible as the meal itself.
The amount of layers in a lasagna essentially boils down to preference, with Betony Kitchen saying you could make a lasagna with as little as two layers, but that can look a little skimpy. Most recipes you'll find for lasagna call for a minimum of three layers, which seems to be the universal standard.
The number of people you're cooking for as well as the size of your pan should be considered when determining how many layers deep to build your lasagna. You don't want a flimsy lasagna in a large pan as much as you don't want an overflowing small pan that's going to turn your oven into a gooey nightmare.