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How Many Glasses Of Wine Are In A Typical Bottle?
Most diners have faced the decision of whether to order a bottle of wine for the table or to ask the waiter for individual glasses. While bottles are often more cost-efficient, glasses allow diners to sample different bottles, and knowing how many glasses of wine can usually be poured from a bottle can help you make this decision.
While some restaurants and waiters pour wine generously, the standard serving size of wine is 5 ounces, as defined by the USDA. Since a typical wine bottle clocks in at around 25 ounces, more conservative pours will yield five glasses of wine per bottle, but this can depend on the shape of the wine glass and, once again, generosity.
If you want to pour five even glasses of wine like a pro, face the label of the wine towards your guest and pour carefully, making sure the bottle doesn't touch the glass and the liquid reaches the widest part. Before removing the bottle to serve another guest, turn the bottle quickly with your wrist and lift it up so the liquid stays in the bottle.