Dish full of sliced pickled beets
How Long You Can Store Homemade Pickled Beets In The Fridge
Homemade pickled beets can add instant tangy flavor and vivid color to your meals, or you can eat them as a snack. They also have a long shelf life, but not an unlimited one.
To enjoy them at their best and freshest, store your pickled beets in the refrigerator and plan to use them within a maximum of three months, or ideally within several weeks.
Keep an eye out for signs the pickles have passed their prime. Once they're a few weeks old, look for any changes in color, smell, texture, or spots of mold before eating them.
Proper safety measures are also paramount to avoid sickness. Use sterilized equipment and jars when pickling beets, and always keep the final product in the fridge, not the pantry.