sugar syrup pouring into glass bowl
How Long You Can Expect Homemade Simple Syrup To Last
Most homemade simple syrup is good for one to six months, depending on how much sugar is in them. Simple syrup with a one-to-one ratio of sugar to water lasts for about a month.
Rich simple syrup, made with a two-to-one ratio of sugar to water, should be good for up to six months. Non-conventional simple syrups may have a different shelf-life.
You can adjust the proportion of sugar to water, or infuse the syrup with other flavors by adding herbs, spices, and botanicals, which also impacts the viscosity and shelf-life.
Infused simple syrup lasts for around three months, while syrup that uses juices or purees only lasts two to three weeks. Crystallization or a bad smell means it’s likely gone bad.