Old-fashioned cocktail with ice and orange peel. Whiskey is poured into a glass with ice.
Pouring orange liqueur into cocktail
How Long To Let Homemade Orange Liqueur Sit For The Deepest Flavor
Whether you’re in the mood to DIY or just want some alcohol tailored to your tastes, you can easily make orange liqueur at home with just a bit of patience.
As with any homemade liqueur, start with a neutral base like vodka. For orange liqueur, add orange slices, zest, or both, and crush or twist the peels to release more flavor.
The infused liqueur should be left to sit for at least two weeks, though you can let it rest for longer. Check on it once in a while and swirl the bottle to mix up the flavors.
You can also smell and taste the liqueur as it ages. Once you're satisfied, strain out the orange and add simple syrup, then store the bottle in a cool place for up to a year.