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How Long Should Butter Last In A Countertop Crock?
Whether or not it’s okay to leave butter out overnight is a hotly debated topic, and while many sources recommend using pantry butter within a day or two, it can be safe to eat for up to 10 days after. Butter crocks are containers used to extend room temp butter’s longevity even further, but even these neat gadgets have their limits.
A butter crock or butter bell is used by filling the round lid with softened butter, adding water to the bottom of the crock until it's tall enough to touch the surface of the butter, then fitting the lid into the crock so that butter is sealed safely inside. Shockingly, these containers can keep your butter fresh for up to a month at room temperature.
Even when using a crock, you may need to move your butter to cooler areas on hot days, and the crock water should be changed every few days, it requires a bit more upkeep than your standard butter dish. A butter crock typically holds one stick, so if you go through at least a stick of room temp butter every month, it may suit you.