French fries with salt being thrown on them
How Long French Fries Need To Rest Before You Fry Them Twice
There are plenty of techniques that can be used to make homemade french fries, but many chefs swear by the double-frying method for the ultimate crispy and flavorful result.
Mastering the art of double-frying french fries requires precise timing, but the crispy results can be achieved in as little as thirty minutes.
First, soak sliced potatoes in water for up to an hour, then pat them dry before sliding small batches of them into a pot of hot oil. After five minutes, pull them out.
Next, drain the partially cooked fries and let them cool for at least thirty minutes. For the second fry, your oil should produce a steady sizzle at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
Depending on how golden you like them, the second fry shouldn't take but about five minutes. Then it's a rinse-and-repeat situation. Drain, season, and serve piping hot.