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How Long Does It Take To Properly Sear Tuna?
Seared ahi tuna is light on the palate, gorgeous on a plate, and simple to make at home. But in order to enjoy this succulent dish from your kitchen, it all comes down to searing it the right way because seared tuna that is dry and void of any flavors is blasphemous.
Once your ahi tuna has been seasoned, whether by marinating it or using a seasoning mix, heat a pan with oil over high heat. Once the pan is hot, add the ahi tuna and wait 45 seconds before reducing the heat to a medium setting to cook it for another 90 seconds.
For the second side, you want to aim for two minutes, but if you prefer your ahi tuna steaks medium rare instead of rare, then leave the steaks on for an extra minute. This equates to four minutes and 15 seconds for rare tuna and five minutes and 15 seconds for medium-rare tuna.