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How Long Can You Store Homemade Tomato Sauce In The Fridge?
Not only is tomato sauce easy to make at home and costs very little, you can also customize it by adding as much roasted garlic, basil, and spices as your heart desires; but sometimes, we make a little bit more than we need. You could always freeze your pasta sauce for safekeeping, but if you’re left with a small amount, here’s how long you can refrigerate it.
According to Martha Stewart, while fresh produce tastes better, it doesn't have a long shelf-life, so your homemade tomato sauce won't last as long in your fridge as the store-bought kind. The site states that homemade tomato sauce lasts anywhere from three to five days in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
Lacademie, however, suggests inspecting the base you used for your pasta sauce — if you use an alcohol base for your tomato sauce, such as vodka or wine, it will help to preserve it a bit longer in the fridge. You'll know your tomato sauce has gone past its prime when it begins to smell, change in flavor, or starts growing mold.