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How Long Can You Store Fresh Salmon In The Fridge?
Fish is widely considered to be a superfood, given its nutritional benefits, and salmon may be the most popular fish around; about 60% of these fish come from farms to feed America’s skyrocketing demand. However, one downside of seafood is that it doesn't keep for long, and salmon is no different.
Many shoppers buy salmon in large quantities to get the best value, but if not stored properly, salmon can cause foodborne illness via salmonella or scombroid poisoning. Firstly, always buy fresh salmon that smells a little like the ocean, but doesn't smell fishy; then, properly prepare it to be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days max.
To keep your fish and fridge clean, run your salmon under cold water, pat it dry, and wrap it in plastic wrap and foil so it’s airtight, before putting it in the meal drawer at an ideal temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. After one or two days after purchase, if you don't use up all of your salmon, you should move it to the freezer.