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How Long Can You Store Butter On The Counter?
Trying to spread cold butter on a piece of toast is a universally frustrating experience, but because butter is a dairy product, there is often confusion about whether or not it's safe to keep it soft and spreadable at room temperature, and there are a few things to consider when deciding how to store butter.
For the most part, it is safe to leave pasteurized butter at room temperature, because its high fat content and low water content do not provide an environment favorable for bacterial growth. According to Bon Appétit, butter will usually be good for more than a week on the counter.
You should try to keep room-temperature butter away from air and light in order to stop it from going bad. A butter dish is a traditional choice, but an airtight container is even better, and a French butter dish, also known as a ceramic butter crock or French butter keeper can keep butter fresh at room temperature for approximately one month.