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How Long Can You Store A Pineapple On The Counter?
Pineapple is the perfect option when craving something tropical and can be enjoyed plain or used in fresh salsa, a Piña Colada cocktail, or even a cheesy casserole. To pick one, BBC GoodFood says to look for one that is heavy for its size, has no bruises or brown leaves, and smells sweet and fragrant.
Per HealthLine, pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese, rich in antioxidants, and helps boost the immune system. It also contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps with digestion and breaks down tough proteins.
According to Live Eat Learn, a pineapple can be stored on the counter at room temperature for about three days, and once it's cut, it is best to keep any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge. If the pineapple has been sitting out for longer than three days, watch for signs that have gone bad such as molds, fermented smell, and color changes.