Orange juice being poured into a glass
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How Long Can Orange Juice Be Left Out At Room Temperature?
All of us have experienced the hassle of purchasing orange juice, only to leave it on the counter or in the car for a few hours. The FDA advises against leaving perishable food at room temperature for over two hours because it could allow harmful bacteria to spread quickly, but does this advice apply to all juices?
As Keith R. Schneider, a food science and human nutrition professor, explains, "Because it's super acidic, store-bought orange juice is one of those few items that won't make you sick if left out;" however, ‌if it has been out for several hours, proceed with caution. Store-bought orange juice has already been pasteurized to kill off harmful bacteria.
Freshly squeezed and unpasteurized juices‌ provide little protection against harmful bacteria and, if left out, should be immediately thrown away. Other potential indications of orange juice spoilage to watch out for include bloated packaging, an unpleasant odor, a foul taste, a change in color, or the appearance of mold or sedimentation.