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How Long Can Heavy Cream Last Past The Expiration Date?
Some dairy products go off very easily, but an unopened container of heavy cream can last for several weeks past its best-if-used-by date when stored under 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Due to its high fat, heavy cream will remain usable for up to a month once opened, especially if it’s pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized. There are also ways to check for freshness.
If there is no mold in your heavy cream container, it doesn't have clumps that look like cottage cheese, and it doesn't smell sour or rancid, you are good to go ahead and use it.
To prolong your heavy cream's freshness, keep the carton at the back of your refrigerator, where the temperature is more consistently cold, rather than the fridge door.
You can also choose to store your heavy cream in the freezer, where it can last up to three or four months before its quality starts to diminish.