A scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough on parchment paper
How Long Can Cookie Dough Be Stored In The Refrigerator?
While there's often a best-before date on cookie dough packages, MasterClass shares that if it doesn't have an expiration date, you should use it within a week of the best-by date.
As for homemade cookie dough, any variety can be kept for a week if stored in an airtight container in the fridge, according to Better Home & Gardens.
For easier baking later, pre-scoop the batter or shape the dough into a log before refrigerating. Some cookie dough is even safe to freeze if you want it to be good for months.
If you lose track of time and forget to label when your cookie dough went into the fridge, look for darkened dough edges or a sour smell, an indication that it should be tossed.
Unfortunately, some bacteria, like salmonella, don't have a distinct smell, so it's better to not consume any cookies that don't taste the way they should.