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How Long An Opened Jar Of Salsa Will Stay Good In The Fridge
When you buy a jar of salsa off a grocery store shelf, it will keep for up to 1 ½ years in the pantry unopened, but once opened, it will only last for a short time.
An open jar of salsa can last for about two weeks to a month in the fridge. You have to abide by a few storage rules in order to make the salsa last as long as possible.
It’s best to store salsa on the bottom shelf of your fridge near the back, where it will stay the coldest. Be sure to always close the lid tightly to limit oxygen exposure.
To prevent the growth of bacteria, it’s best to scoop out the desired amount of salsa into another container when snacking or cooking with it to avoid cross-contamination.
If your salsa displays any odd characteristics, such as a darkened color, separation of ingredients, the presence of mold, or any off-putting smells, it’s best to toss it.