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How Is A2 Ghee Different From The Regular Variety?
Ghee is clarified butter, AKA pure butterfat with its dairy solids cooked off that is used as a mostly dairy-free butter product. A staple in Indian cuisine, ghee has many health and culinary benefits and can be made and sold in several varieties, one of which is the coveted A2 ghee, which differs from other kinds in one big way.
There are two types of protein found in milk, called "A1" and "A2," and most cows produce milk with both of these, but Desi cows (or A2 cows) produce milk with only A2, which is considered healthier. A2 ghee is made from this milk, and therefore has more health benefits, including higher amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids.
A2 milk and ghee may enhance immunity and brain health, and A2 products are also easier to digest. A 2016 study published in the Nutrition Journal also revealed that A1 protein milk may be linked to health issues like gastrointestinal inflammation, so A2 milk and its derivatives are becoming more popular, though they do cost more.