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How Ina Garten Tackles Thanksgiving Appetizers To Avoid Stress
For most home cooks, Thanksgiving day means juggling many kitchen tasks at once in order to get all the dishes on the table at the right time, and serving appetizers can be almost as stressful as serving the main meal. Luckily, queen of the cozy kitchen Ina Garten has a tip for managing Thanksgiving stress and serving appetizers ASAP.
Garten tells Bon Appétit that “There’s no such thing as an effortless Thanksgiving, you just have to be strategic about it,” which is why she keeps her appetizers very simple. She only makes one appetizer from scratch, choosing a recipe that can be prepared and stored weeks or even months in advance, then simply buys the rest of her appetizers.
If you make all your appetizers from scratch, you risk spending just as much time on them as you would on dinner, but convenient items like cured meats, nuts, and fresh veggies are ready to serve right away and keep extra work to a minimum. As Garten says, “your friends will have more fun if you’re happy and having a good time with them.”