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How Ina Garten Fluffs Her Fish For Tuna Salad
Canned tuna can be elevated in many ways, but tuna salad may be its most common use. Water-packed tuna often lacks flavor and is dry because of its lean, well-done state, but it can be fixed with spices, condiments, and a technique Ina Garten uses to fluff her tuna.
Garten fluffs her fish for tuna salad with a fork, allowing the other ingredients to coat the fish and add moisture. The tuna should be completely broken apart and light and fluffy, ready to absorb all of the flavor and creaminess from the other ingredients.
To finish up her tuna salad, Garten adds spices, celery, scallions, dill, and at the very end, lemon, salt, and pepper for flavor. Next, she spreads the creamy tuna mixture over two slices of toast, sprinkles them with cheese, and pops them into the oven until melty and brown.