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How Ice Cubes Could Help You Cook A Juicier Burger
There’s nothing quite as disappointing as a dry burger patty on a beautiful summer day. Burger patties are meant to be juicy and succulent and to ensure that they are, "Master Chef" judge Graham Elliot suggests utilizing ice cubes in your patties by folding a small cube of ice into the center of the patty.
This technique does indeed result in some mouthwatering burgers but depending on how you like your burgers, this may not be your method of choice. Cooking burgers medium rare or rare may be a bit more difficult as there's literally an ice cube in your burger patty influencing the temperature.
Obviously, the patty needs to get hot enough to melt the ice cube so if you like your burgers a little on the rarer side, you have to keep in mind that there's a fine line between a rare burger and an actual ice cube. One way around this is embedding butter into your burger to keep it delicious and prevent it from drying up.